It was a normal Tuesday in the middle of a nowhere month. Nothing major to plan for, celebrate or look forward to. Both kids woke up sick and hubby decided to stay home to help. I can’t remember him ever doing that before.

We took the kids to the doctor and on the way out passed a newsagent. It was lotto day. We don’t buy lotto tickets. I went in and got the cheapest random pick and a $1 scratcher for my eldest because it had a pig on it. So sue me for encouraging gambling or whatever, he won $3 for his money box and he was pleased.

When we got home we started playing that game…you know the one where you spend the imaginary money you haven’t won yet. “What would we spend it on?” Silence. “We could pay off our bond”. More silence. “Maybe a nice holiday”. More silence. “We know some people that could use some help”. That’s when it occurred to me. There’s nothing I could think of that I want that a large sum of money could buy, I just want more time.

I want time with hubby. Time together just the two of us, to be us again. I want time together with the kids. Time where we aren’t doing a mad scramble to get to places or clean up or do errands. Just time to watch them play and grow and enjoy them. I want to take things slow. I want to care less. I want to swim in the ocean and walk barefoot in the grass. I want to listen to good music and dance. I want to push the kids on swings and go down slides with them. I want to walk in the forest and find waterfalls and read stories in our teepee at night. I want peace.

At that moment I realised a winning lotto ticket wouldn’t change a damn thing. Our problem wasn’t money it was our mind set. We didn’t need a bigger house or a fast car or a boat. We needed each other. And we already had that. So on that random Tuesday I won big on the lotto,but I didn’t win a huge lump of cash. I won something better, a new mindset.