He’s making his list, he’s checking it twice, he knows for damn sure all the kids have been naughty and made mommy cry at some stage during the year. But hooray Santa Clause is coming to town and we have less than 2 weeks left of threatening our kids with ‘no gifts I’m calling Santa’ before the gigs up.

I have a problem though…does Santa bring all the gifts???

I have a very inquisitive three and a half year old. He has ALL the questions. I have bought his Christmas gifts and wrapped them before the malls get insane and I lose my Christmas cheer and have to resort to spiked egg nogg to enjoy the season. They are all labeled ‘from Santa’ because I assumed between the ages of 3 and ‘Santa’s not real and I hate you all’, that’s what you do. Until granny threw a spanner in the works and said she’s giving me money to get a gift on her behalf, don’t care what, just put my name on it. When I said everything’s coming from Santa she said she’s sure I can make a plan.

So the story is Santa brings you gifts if you’re good. Because it’s Jesus’s birthday. He’s happy we are sharing Jesus’s birthday, kids love to share birthdays. But then granny and grandpa and this one and that give you gifts too. So even if you’re naughty you get gifts from the people who love you because we love our kids, even when they are naughty. Maybe I’m over thinking things here but I feel like I’m losing my leverage (and some of the magic that goes with a fat flying stranger delivering toys).

To make matters worse another mom told me all the gifts shouldn’t be from Santa because some kids are less fortunate and they may wonder why others got more from Santa. Apparently it’s one small gift from Santa and the rest from family. What the what? When I was growing up my parents weren’t rolling in it but I wasn’t comparing gifts, I thought those kids were just better behaved?! Maybe I’m a grinch but it’s all a little too P.C. for me. Life’s unfair kids will find it out eventually. Either way some are getting more than others. It sucks but the story isn’t going to change that.

So hubby has a plan and I think It’s a good one. Santa brings you gifts. But granny ‘requested this for you’ because she loves you and thought you would like it. Problem solved (I hope). I’ll be over here drinking my egg nog.