My kids have lots of toys, too many in fact. The other day I filled two bags for donations with the stuff that irritates me and they still haven’t noticed anything is missing. But decluttering toys is a story for another day. I have my own toy, one, and it lives in their toy box masquerading as one of theirs. It’s a little stuffed purple man from the Pixar movie Inside Out and he’s brilliant.

My husband bought it for me one Mother’s Day because, well, he gets me. You see this stuffed purple guy, Fear, talks when you push his hand and I just love what he has to say…

“I’m having the worst day ever!”
“I regret everything!”
“Oh no!”
“Did you see the way they looked at me?!”
“They’re judging us”

Maybe it’s my sarcastic sense of humour but I find this guy hilarious. I cannot for the life of me think why someone decided this was an appropriate toy for kids, but for me it’s perfect for so many reasons. You see I think when you’re tired and things aren’t going to plan this can so easily become your internal monologue. You get frustrated and start telling yourself you’re having the worst day ever. You start listing in your head all the things that have gone wrong, and then suddenly you are having the worst day ever and you do regret everything. This used to be my daily internal monologue, but I’m so far from that now I can press that little purple dudes button and laugh.

Then there’s the days I’m not feeling on top of things. Like that day when I had 6 hours of interrupted sleep courtesy of baby, my toddler pooped in his nappy and it somehow fell out and squashed all down his leg and pyjama pants. And then I went to the wrong park for our play date. But apparently it was within walking distance and since I had managed to get now exhausted sleeping baby into the pram without waking him along with the nappy bag, picnic, jackets etc. I decided a nice stroll with my toddler wouldn’t hurt. 20 mins and two kilometres later and still not there I decided to turn around and walk back to the car. Pick your battles.

On these days it helps to have where my thoughts are headed repeated back to me by a small purple man. Coming out of his mouth they sound a bit ridiculous, because maybe they are. I’m not having the worst day ever, I do not regret everything and they are not judging us. Ok maybe they are, but I really don’t give a shit, I’m stingy like that.