When I mentioned the title of this article to my husband he laughed. He doesn’t get it, this is serious business. You see as a SAHM your days are filled with endless work whilst achieving very little perceivable progress. You can clean up the post meal catastrophe that is feeding a child and pick up a few toys only to find it’s time to feed them, AGAIN! Your to-do list never gets done and you start to feel disheartened.

I’ve come up with a new strategy – the ‘done list’. You don’t have to do anything on it because you already have with the added bonus of feeling like you’re winning as a parent and are super organised. Here’s how to write yours…

1. Start with the basics. Did you bath your kids? Did you feed them breakfast, second breakfast, tea, lunch, snack, dinner? See your list is getting impressive already

2. Add in some house work. If you half packed the dishwasher while holding a baby that counts as a productive effort. Washing can be divided into spot treating, washing, hanging, taking down and folding. That’s four separate items if you’ve managed one load of washing! You’re a super mom.

3. List some feel good items. If you stopped to blow some bubbles or read them a book (even if you skipped the pages in the middle) they loved it and you are great. Write it down. If you walked to the shop to get a coffee they got sunshine and exercise. If you went to the park because they were driving you insane they got social interaction. If you needed five damn minutes they practised independent play.

4. List some me-time. Let’s be real, there’s not much of that going as a mom but if you brushed your hair/put on fresh clothes you’re still trying. Making yourself food counts too. Heck eating the kids leftovers works as a clean up and me time item in one.

5. Add in something you did for your partner or a friend. If you matched his socks it was a gesture of love. A text to a friend means you took time because you care, even if it was a rant about aforementioned missing socks.

6. End on a high note. Think of something you got to you wouldn’t normally. If you threw away a broken toy (because you stood on it) that works as de cluttering. If you posted a photo of your kids on Instagram you’ve worked towards building your personal brand. I think you’ve got the picture.

Now wait for the kids to go to sleep, sit back with a drink, and marvel at your ‘done list’ and the productiveness of your day. You’re awesome.